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Grain Marketing

Today's booming markets for commodities has created opportunities unforeseen a few years ago. Along with the booming interest in commodities have come added volatility, increased costs, and fewer margins for error. The need for price risk management has never been greater.

At Diversified Services, our grain marketing experts have unmatched expertise. Consider the following:

  • Our information comes to us first hand. CGB Enterprises provides us a wealth of information about export markets, freight prices, and farmer movements that is instantaneous. Our experts are not gleaning information from a screen, we have it first hand!
  • Our group of marketing advisors brings their own specialized skills and backgrounds to the group. Some are fundamentalists that keep a close eye on supply and demand, others have technical expertise, and still others have strong cash/export experience. When you work with a DS marketing advisor you get the benefit of them sharing their information and expertise before they make their decisions!
  • Their knowledge of crop insurance, futures, and cash markets give them a unique ability to help farmers make their marketing decisions a part of an overall strategy of risk management.

That is why our turn over of marketing clients is one of the lowest in the industry. We are not just giving advice; we are developing risk management strategies that make sense. Our customers get peace of mind and confidence by intrusting their marketing strategies to DS. You will too! Contact your local DS office today.

Futures trading contains risk of loss and is not appropriate for all traders.

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