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Cameron, Missouri

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Alan Stephens - Crop Insurance Consultant

Alan Stephens is a life long resident of Caldwell County, born and raised near Cowgill, MO. Alan is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Agricultural Mechanization. Alan has worked in the Caldwell County and neighboring counties area for many years as a salesman for Ray County implement of Richmond, MO, Thompson Implement of Gallatin, MO and most recently as the Farm Bureau Insurance Agent for Caldwell County for the last 10 years. Alan joined Diversified Services in August of 2008.

Aaron Stephens - Crop Insurance Consultant

Aaron is a Crop Insurance Consultant in Northwest Missouri. Aaron is a graduate of Missouri State where he received his B.S. in Geography. He was raised on his family farm located near Cowgill, MO in Caldwell County. Aaron currently lives in Cameron, MO with his wife and looks forward to working with area producers in Western Missouri. His strong background in agriculture makes him an excellent addition to DS. Be sure to give Aaron a call today to schedule a time to discuss your risk management needs.