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Ipswich, South Dakota

Diversified Crop Insurance Services Team

Mike Gauer - Regional Sales Manager

Mike was born and raised on a large farming and cattle operation at Ipswich, SD. Mike was very involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm at a very young age. He even purchased his first land while still in high school. Mike chose to stay on the farm after high school and helped build the family operation into a very large and nationally known seed stock operation with Simmental and Red Angus cattle. When health concerns dictated a change, he became a crop insurance adjuster. Mike’s dedication and hard work enabled him to rise through the ranks quickly. He has been involved in the crop insurance industry for nine years as an adjuster and claims supervisor. Mike was previously a claims supervisor for Diversified Crop Insurance Services and has recently been promoted to the position of Regional Marketing Manager. When not working to serve his customers, Mike enjoys spending time with his family. Granddaughter Addison is especially fun. Mike also enjoys hunting. Pheasant hunting is a favorite as it is always very enjoyable to spend time with friends and associates while hunting. With his extensive farming, claims, and sales experience, Mike is most knowledgeable and available to help you with all aspects of your farming business. Please give him a call if you have any questions.