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Monette, Arkansas

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Vickie Couch - Crop Insurance Consultant

Vickie and her family are all located in the Buffalo Island area. She and her husband, Dewayne, have three sons and two grandsons. Vickie brings more than 20 years’ of experience in crop insurance and customer service. Upon selling her own business in 2010, Vickie took some time to relax and spend time with her family. After some time at home, she is excited to be back helping customers with their risk management strategies and is confident that with her new relationship with Diversified Services she can assist her customers with protecting their revenue and preserving their equity. Vickie is anxious to put her customer service skills to work for you. She is committed to helping her farmers improve their operations and enjoy a better quality of life. Make your appointment with Vickie today to ensure you are well covered for the upcoming crop year!

Vance Austin - Crop Insurance Consultant

Vance is proud to be an agent for Diversified Services. Raised on the family farm in Blytheville, he has spent his whole like in agriculture. Vance received his degree in Agriculture Business and Economics from Arkansas State University and then returned home to continue work on the farm. He is married to Lisa, and they have two children, Abby and Hayes. In 2002, Vance started selling crop insurance is a way to help out his fellow farming friends and neighbors. Vance is eager to discuss with you ways to help improve your risk management.