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from the moment coverage is signed the worst case scenario is known

Production Cost Insurance. Services provided by Global AG Risk Solutions

This private multi-peril product insures your input and revenue.

a true revenue floor based on your actual financial history

  • Your three major inputs - fertilizer, seed and chemicals - are covered, plus a specific amount of revenue per acre.
  • As your input costs increase over the year, so does your coverage. There is no ceiling, and no effect on your premium - meaning you can do what your farm needs, whenever it needs it.
  • This product may be used as collateral with some lending institutions.
  • See how this product works in Canada
PCI Product Team Contact Information
Lee Friesen
(605) 661-2520
Tanya Bibler
(785) 213-9055
Email info@diversifiedservices.com to find an agent near you.