Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Federal MPCI

The  MPCI  lines of crop insurance plans offer a producer protection against yield and/or quality loss due to weather related and certain other unavoidable perils. Coverage is based on the producer's Actual Production History ( APH ) and an Established or Projected Market Price that is set by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. Coverage Levels, depending on area, are available from 50% up to 85% of the producers APH. The producer's Production Guarantee is their APH multiplied by the selected Coverage Level multiplied by the planted acres. A producer is indemnified when their harvested and/or appraised production is less than the Production Guarantee as long as the shortage is due to an insurable cause of loss. The amount of indemnity is determined by multiplying the production shortage by the percentage price election the producer elected by the Established or Projected Market Price by the producer's ownership share in the acreage. Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT) is an endorsement to the  MPCI  Policy that provides 50% Coverage Level and a 55% Price Election.  MPCI  Coverage is available on a very wide range of crops.

Production Cost Insurance